2021-2023, “Prince Dimitrie Cantemir (1675-1723) and the Search for an Eastern Christian Reform of Knowledge”

  • Principal Investigator: Vlad Alexandrescu

2011–2016, “Models of Producing and Disseminating Knowledge in Early Modern Europe: the Cartesian Framework” – see project website

  • Research Grant financed by the UEFISCDI (PCE, PN-II-ID-PCE-2011-3)
  • Principal Investigator: Vlad Alexandrescu

Previous Projects: 2009-2014

Science, Politics and Utopia in the Republic of Letters: Models of Producing and Disseminating Knowledge in Early Modern Europe

Project Manager: Vlad Alexandrescu

Financed by The National Authority for Scientific Research, through The Council of Scientific Research in Higher Studies in Romania, within the grant nr. 758/2009

In the last 20 years, a wide range of authors have started to question the canonical view of a scientific revolution of the 17th century, have emphasized the historiographical gap existing between the historians of science and the historians of philosophy working on the same authors (and sometimes on the very same texts) of the early modernity. A dramatic process of revaluation, started more than 20 years ago, has changed considerably the field of early modern studies and the iconic image of the actors involved in the scientific revolution.

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The Medicine of the Mind and Natural Philosophy in Early Modern England. A New Way of Interpreting Francis Bacon

ERC Grant 2009-2014

Principal investigator: Guido Giglioni (The Warburg Institute)

Co-investigators: Dana Jalobeanu, Sorana Corneanu (University of Bucharest)

Our project aims to provide a reappraisal of Bacon’s work and his legacy in the seventeenth century by focusing on a set of interrelated disciplinary contexts that, for reasons of interpretative and heuristic convenience, we have decided to call the early modern ‘medicine of the mind’. In doing so, we will be able to make sense of many aspects of Bacon’s work that still remain obscure and, as an added bonus, to clarify a number of long debated questions concerning seventeenth-century science and natural philosophy.

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The House of Solomon, philosopher-kings and the pedagogy of virtue: early modern utopias as pedagogical projects

Director of project: Dana Jalobeanu

Research project ID, financed by CNCISIS (2009)

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