Comunicare Agnès Guiderdoni

Centrul „Fundamentele Modernității Europene” vă invită la o nouă ediție din seria seminarelor de cercetare:

În data de 17 ianuarie 2024, Agnès Guiderdoni, profesoară și cercetătoare de prestigiu de la Université catholique de Louvain (UCLouvain), va susține o comunicare intitulată „Thinking through figure in Early Modern Europe”.

Evenimentul va avea loc de la orele 18, în sala de lectură a Bibliotecii Facultății de Litere. O scurtă prezentare a subiectului comunicării poate fi citită mai jos.

What did it mean to think through figures in 16th and 17th century Europe, and what were its modes and areas of expression? The aim is both to present the specific genres of figurative thought (emblems, imprese, symbols, hieroglyphics, etc.) and to gauge the importance of this mode of thought in early modern culture. Indeed, figurative thought was not limited to a corpus of minor and marginal works, but deeply permeated European culture for at least two and a half centuries. The prevalence of figurative thought was not confined to the arts and literature, but also characterised the ‘sciences’, what was then known as natural philosophy, as well as theology, spirituality and history. While revealing a fundamental feature of the episteme of the period, the study of this figurative thought is also an intellectual proposal that challenges our current (cartesian) thinking framework in order to apprehend the world and knowledge differently, in particular by rethinking the domains of the textual and the visual in relation to each other.

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